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Reflections on having the right mindset in large design programmes

Reflections from my time spent in a fast-paced, large-scale, agile digital product design programme with a wonderful team working on exciting ideas.

Steer clear of opinions and look for evidence

In projects with many moving parts, people are bound to be opinionated since everyone is trying to make sense of the whole. Try to be that impartial mediator who can help shift the conversation from opinion to fact.

Be clear at telling the story

Be more confident about your ideas and work on presenting them well. Stop, think about your words and then tell the story. Some people will still not get it. Try once again, then move on.

Live the experience you want to build

Immerse yourself into the experience. Prototype experiences - not screens.

Details are most appreciated when you’re able to view them from afar

Delve deep into the details when you’re defining a vision... But emerge from the depths regularly and quickly to sense where you're headed.

Look at data but still trust your gut

If you’re immersed in the ecosystem, you might have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Don't be a slave to data. Instead, back up your hunches with data.

You're only as good as your team

Take the time to understand each individual and their working styles. Also, communicate enough to ensure they learn about yours.

‘UX Strategy’ is a not as cool as it’s made out to be

It’s basically a lot of meetings and word exchanges so that the right people listen to you and buy into your ideas.

Things change a lot, usually for the better

Dealing with uncertainty is difficult and the design process is messy. Question decisions and outcomes but have an open mind and be ready to change swiftly. It generally leads to a better outcome.


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