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Taking ideas from concept
to company

Design expertise and operations to turn ideas into category-defining experiences.

SMaaS ecosystem


IKEA Home smart hero image

Supervised a team of internal and external designers and researchers to design a DIY smart home system. Responsible for the interactions between physical and digital for more than 20 smart products. I also liaised with multiple client stake-holders and their partners (Apple, Google, Amazon, Sonos etc.) and lobbied for UX when the 'Matter' IoT protocol was being established.

💯 Increase in ratings: ~90%​

📦 20+ smart products launched​

🎉 Integration failures reduced: 40% to 4%

👥Team size doubled

🏆Program won Red dot, client's Best Innovation and frog's Make Your Mark awards. Also featured in The Verge, Wired, Dezeen, Digital Trends etc.

・Servant Leadership

・Design Delivery and DesignOps

・Global Content Design Strategy 

・Physical+Digital Design

・0-1 Design Strategy

・Global User research

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Leading teams that craft meaningful interactions across many business units between 3 products: Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Opsgenie through end-to-end experiences, north-star visions, and strategies that span GTM, discovery, onboarding, and cross-product features.

💰 Purchases are at 25%​ above target YTD

✍🏿 Sign-ups are at 20% above target YTD

🎉 Active instances (a measure of users finding value) are 78% above target MTD

🔬10+ experiences shipped 

・Servant Leadership

Growth Strategy

・Design Vision and Experiments

・Strategy Implementation

・Business Innovation

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Assumed a VP-Design role at the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt. of India to hire a team, establish a design lab and define guiding principles of the Bharat Pashudhan (animal husbandry) data stack from ground up. Launched by Prime Minister Modi, the system is used by 4 lakh (0.4 million) front line workers, 80 million farmers to benefit ~287 million animals.

🎉 Avg. number of farm visits reduced: 3 to 1

📈 Front-line worker utilisation up by 60%

🪙 Daily transactions: 1.6 million

📑Policies upended: 13

🚑 Mobile veterinary vans procured: 4335


・Design Leadership and Evangelising

・Design for Public Interest/DPI

・Sector Transformation

・Strategy Implementation

・User Research for Policy-making


Directed the redesign of a clinical care management platform to improve delivery speed of hospital and insurance services » Conducted research with 66 nurses, doctors and admins in USA

📈 Deadlines met by nurses increased: 95%

✌️ Customer engagement increased: 27%

🎉 Net new customers gained in a year: 18%

🤝CSAT score: 91


・Design Leadership

・Global User Research

・Design for Public Interest/DPI

・Strategy Implementation

・User Research for Policy-making


Conceptualed a new service for retail stores that can further protect their assets, customers and employees. The service comprises of solutions for retailers to track alarm activity and better understand store traffic patterns, integrated remote support services and smart recommendations to beat organised theft.

📈 New industry term coined: SMaaS

✌️ Service launched in 2018 (1 year after we designed it)


・Systemic / Service Design Strategy

・Physical + Digital Design

・Design Leadership

Project Diversity

Many experiences designed, multifold experience gained...

🏗️ Industrial Risk mitigation software to make factories safe and reliable

Asset Performance Management・Predictive Analytics・IA・Visual Design

🛒 Retail Loss Prevention as a Service

Theft Detection・Retail Loss Prevention・Service Design・Digital Transformation

🔒Redesign of an End-Point Security Solution

Enterprise・Data Security and Policy・Privacy ・IA

🏃 Making fitness monitoring fun for children

Consumer IoT・NPD (New Product Development)・Mobile・Branding + Packaging

🤖 Cognitive Service Desk - AI driven Service Desk

AI・IT Service Desk・NPD・Prototype・Conference Presentation

📕Comprehensive Educational Solution for Schools

Education・Learning Management・School Admin・Research ・NPD

🗺️ Google Maps for Work onboarding experience for software developers

Onboarding・Dev Tooling・UX Design・IA・Visual Design

📋 Insurance Policy and Claims System Design

Insurance . System Design UX Research・UX Design

✈️ Airlines Country Manager's Dashboard

Airline Route optimisation Mobile・NPD

🦽 Service Design to Enable Affordable Home-based Healthcare

Medical Devices・Rentals・Service Design・NPD・Responsive UX Design・Branding

📊 Making Big Data Analytics user-friendly for non-technical users

Real World Evidence・Pharma・Service Design・NPD・UX Design・

👗 Personalisation as a Service

Product Personalisation ・Responsive UX Design・NPD・Conceptualisation

Bringing design competency to ambitious teams that aim to serve people and planet

My work impacts business strategy, public policy, customer experience, community engagement and brand perception.


If you're curious to learn more about these projects or about current work, send me an email or message on Linkedin.

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